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who we are

Who are we?

The first members of the team

the story

A little trip in time

How this all thing started


Why and how?

Subjects that inspire us


When and where?

When will the great start take place?

Our footprints

  • We are team, free and independent, anchoring our dreams in our reality
  • We giving our trust to the Divine Energy who will walk each step on our side
  • A long lasting solution for our Planet will only be found through an unconditional respect for our environment, an unconditional respect for any form of life whether it is from the animal and the vegetal kingdom, and de-facto an unconditional respect for any member of the human race
  • We are progressing in our adventure by keeping in mind the values that we love; to act for the beauty of the gesture, solidarity and personal commitment, respect for diversity, encounter, trust and cooperation with each other, go after or even pushing our limits with Joy as leverage while taking the time to understand the magical world that we have the privilege to share with many other forms of life.
  • We progress with Love to our Mother Earth and with Love for all it's inhabitants and living creatures
  •  Our journey has no other goal or finality that express our commitment to support our Mother Earth in its daily struggle against all aggression directed against her every day
  • We thank with all our heart, join us in this mission

Step by Step

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